A downloadable game for Windows

Kimono is out for revenge against the Shogun.  Defeat all her enemies and attain inner peace.

How to Play:

CLICK and DRAG mouse from KIMONO to an ENEMY to KILL


Published 9 days ago
Tagssamurai, Turn-Based Combat

Install instructions

Unzip and double click on kimono.exe


kimono_win.zip 16 MB


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its pretty darn good

good for training for Battle would recommend  

can't save game and if i go to far so i can't kill the others, I have to press Esc and play round 1 again :( - sad

Thanks for playing. Yes there is no replay / restart button in this version. The simplest way to restart a level is to fail the level (get  yourself killed). This will then allow you to replay that level. I hope you enjoyed the game apart for that :)

Really great game! 

Awesome stuff

Fantastically slick, mad stylish!

HYAAAAAAA!!! Loads of fun.  Clever concept, well executed. 

Would like a beserker mode where she headbutts enemies and they explode
or the ability to target several enemies at once as a one-shot move.

It would also be cool if the enemies don't fall down until the last hit, at which point, they all slide in half diagonally and fall to pieces :D

good concept, good art. this would be perfect for mobile too.